Facts & Figures: Fashion location Berlin

Berlin loves fashion and fashion loves Berlin – now for over than 200 years. But how did the fashion location developed in the past years? From the 18th until the 22nd January 2016 the Berlin fashion Week will take place the 13th year and is showing young and established designes and trends. We will show all the facts and figures. From the history over the development up to the support.

In the beginning of the 18th century the Hausvogteiplatz was the Hotspot for fashion in Berlin. Onehundred years later the legendary „BerlinChic“ came up. With the fall oft he wall the fashion scene in Berlin gets a new Highlight: the openminded and electrifying atmosphere oft he fashion scene in Berlin attracted fashion designer and creatives. Berlin became more and more the most fashionable city in Germany.

With the opening of the Bread & Butter and the Premium Exhibitions in 2003 the Berlin Fashion Week begun. From then on more than ten fashion fairs and a lot of fashion presentations take place during the Berlin Fashion Week.They are already established at the national and international ausdience. The Fashion Week counts around 200.000 visitors (professional audience) each season.

With the participation of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2007 the Berlin Fashion Week gets more media attention. In 2014 another plattform for fashion presentation was established: the Berliner Modesalon. From than on young and established designer show their collections at Kronprinzenpalais.

From the 18th until the 22nd January 2016 the Berlin Fashion Week will take place fort he 13th year and presenting young and estabished designer.

What do the Berlin Fashion Week means for the location Berlin?

The Fashion Week stands for an economically addtional service (hotels, gastronomy, retail, taxi industry, service provider) about 120 million Euro per season. 

The development of the fashion location Berlin in numbers:

  • Around 2.5000 companys in Berlin are active in the fashion industry
  • The sales oft he fashion industry climbed from 2012 to 2013 about 43% to around 2,2 billion Euro.
  • Parallel to the sales also the headcounts about 60%/+2.300 to 21.500 employees.

Berlin Fashion Week in Zahlen und Fakten

  • Fashion fairs: over 200.000 professional ausdience (Germany, Italy, UK, Benelux, Scandinavia with a increase of participating professionals from Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Over 70 Fashionshows and presentations with around 50.000 guests
  • Competitions: P&C – Designer for Tomorrow- Award/ Lavera Green Fashion Award/ Fellowship-Programm des German Fashion Design Councils
  • Berlin Fashion Week ist he perfect frame to media attention: 5.000 Newspaper reports and more than 5.000 online and 200 TV reports about the Berlin Fashion Week. The media value fort he german speaking area is worth 30 million Euros per season.
  • Around 550 journalist register for the Berlin Fashion Week.

Next tot he etsablished designer, which shows their collections every season at the fashion fairs and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the fashion design schools form new talents.

Some designers from Berlin with national and international awards: Annelie Schubert (Hyères)

  • Isabell de Hillerin (New Faces Fashion)
  • Tim Labenda (SYFB), Bobby Kolade (SYFB)
  • Augustin Teboul (International Woolmark Prize)
  • Nobi Talai (seit 2015 gefördert durch Fellowship-Programm des Fashion Council Germany)
  • Marina Hoermanseder (seit 2015 gefördert durch Fellowship-Programm des Fashion Council Germany)

To strength the young talents in Berlin and to simplify their start into the industry the land Berlin promote them in different topics. 

Berlin´s Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research supports since 2007 in single- and infrastructure projects with around one million Euros per year.

The land Berlin is responsible together with the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research / Projekt for the support with Seed-Investments, grants and other investments with over 10 million Euros to grow the Berlin Fashion Week and the fashion industry in Berlin.

How do the support look like?

  • A minimum of 8 fashion show slots for labels from Berlin to show their collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
  • Modified single exhibition promotion
  • Support of designers from Berlin to show their collections at Berliner Modesalon (derberlinermodesalon.com/)
  • Support of labels from Berlin with the fellowship oft he German Fashion Council (http://www.fashion-council-germany.org/)
  • Poster campaign and media support (national/international) for Berlin Fashion Week (www.fashion-week-berlin.com/)
  • The awarded website www.fashion-week-berlin.com with more than over 500.000 users per season and comprehensive information pool about all events, designers and news.

The support of the single and infrastructure projects of the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research amounts around. one million Euro per year.

The land Berlin together with the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research/Project Future supported already with over 10 million. Euro.

From the beginning until now the Berin fashion Week counts now tot he top 5 fashion locations worldwide.

More information you will find here:

Website Projekt Future