Berlin Showroom for the first time at German Press Days

The Berlin Showroom will show selected designer collections for the first time at the German Press Days. The platform, initiated by the Internationalisation Program of the Senate Department, usually represents Berlin designers in Paris.

The German Press Days are held twice a year in Berlin. PR agencies open up for journalists, who can take an exclusive look at the current collections of designers.

After ten successful seasons in Paris, the Berlin Showroom complements the Agneturen portfolio and opens its doors to the German Press Days on 19 and 20 October in Berlin. The following designers will be represented by the Berlin Showroom:

  • Agnes Nordenholz
  • Hänska
  • Hien Le
  • Last Heirs
  • Penelope's Sphere
  • Projekt Samsen
  • Quite Quiet
  • Schmidttakahashi
  • Starstyling
  • Tata Christiane
  • Vladimir Karaleev

An overview of the participating agencies and brands can be found here: