Runway presentations 19th January 2016 Berlin Fashion Week - Day 1

The first day of Berlin Fashion Week with Nobi Talai, Lena Hosc hek, Lala Berlin and Esther Perbandt.

Nobi Talai

The young design star Nobieh Talaei presented on the first day of the Berlin Fashion Week her Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 collection at Kronprinzenpalais . Inspired by the modern and urban nomad. dressed warm for the cols winter. She devotes itself to a self-confident and strong women with a strong sense of style. We saw long asymmetrical capes, draped skirts with knot details, blouses with knot details instead of buttons at the sleeve-ends and skillful layering. The traditional influences are obvious to see, so you will find in addition to the single- earrings in ornament style and silk scarves in their hair and tribal-looking patterns. Sheepskin is combined with wool fabrics and leather, tunics - like tops with dipped hem are worn over turtleneck sweaters and long skirts. A look always consists of many individual parts, which get special by layering, draping and knotting.

Lena Hoschek

Miss Marple returns on the catwalk because Designer Lena Hoschek dedicates her collection for autumn/winter 2016/2017 to the old-British lifestyle. So we saw brown, green and beige tones through the whole collection. Vests will be combined to pleated shirts, tweed and wool fabrics and Rose prints. Body-fitting pencil skirts and dresses are adorned with romantic narrow buttons on the back. Some of the very masculine styles are broken by more feminine details. The narrow waist remains in old Lena Hoschek-style with combined waist belts which are increasingly used again. It goes back to the real feminine bodies and combined functionality, which you can see especially with the use of rubber boots. The young Queen would be pleased with this collection, somehow quirky, yet very feminine.

Lala Berlin

Leyla Piedayesh of Lala Berlin was not presented typical fashion show, but organized in the me Collectors Room a whole installation for her viewers. During a video performance the new German supermodel Lina Berg was dressed in the new look of the popular Berlin label. Musician Jesper Munk gave to the musical accompaniment for the installation. While the clip was played he viewers met a total of three generations of women showing Lala Berlin. A trip to Iran is the inspiration for the new collection of Lala Berlin. Chessboard fabrics should remember the old Persian princesses. It always stays cool but also a little more sexy. Fetish plays a big role, but should not affect too dominant. The main colors are black, dark blue, khaki green and pink.

Esther Perbandt

Late tuesday evening the Berlin based designer Esther Perbandt showed her collection for autumn/winter 2016/2017 offsite at Radialsystem V. The viewers are taken along with the movements of the models in camera view style in an extraordinary way. The entire show will begin with a performance by four artists who danced to abstract beats in black colored dresses. Perbandt does not rely on the usual models, but to individuals. They are dressed in plain black or white, with patterned plaited and also the use of woolen fabrics. Open seams and avantgarde looks are what will come next winter. Latex and leather relied to fetish elements. From classic to extravagant everything is part of the usual Perbandt style.