Interview with MBFW-Show slot winner Danny Reinke

©Danny Reinke
©Danny Reinke
Danny Reinke, one of the winners of the fashion show slot for July 2018 at MBFW, funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises / Project Future, talks about what his latest collection inspired.

For ten years already, the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises / Project Future hands out presentation slots at Berlin Fashion Week. Young, rising, but also established Berlin-based fashion brands can apply for the funded show slots. In July 2018, thanks to the funding of the Senate Department, three up-and-coming talents get the chance to present their latest collection at MBFW, too.

We have asked the slot winner what the funding means to him and what we can look forward to with regard to his runway-show. Danny Reinke has talked to us about how he came up for the idea of his new collection “Unleashed Values”, and how the label tries to animate the people, to start the journey to look for their own, inner scouts.

You’re one of the three winners, who were selected to present at MBFW, funded by Project Future – Congratulations! What does it mean to you to be able to present your collection at Berlin Fashion Week?

As a young label, we like to use every chance to present ourselves and to continue to develop. We got the opportunity to present next to established labels and present in front of a big audience. The funding by the Berlin Senate means great happiness and we’re very thankful.

How much do Berlin and its lifestyle influence you and your creative process?

Berlin is a highly pulsing city, which is very inspiring in our daily life. There are sources of inspiration everywhere, which can be used for new drafts. Furthermore, Berlin has become my second home in these past few years.

What was the latest collection inspired by?

We always build out collections based on a concept, something that occupies and inspires us. The current tense situation, the world is in, plus the rising social unbalance were inspiration for this collection “Unleashed Values”. We asked ourselves: “Are we fixed on ourselves or is there a alternative concept?” Thereby, we came across scouts, and their values. A friendly co-existing, closeness to nature or helpfulness, just to mention a few. We wanted to inspire the visitors to discover their own “inner scout| by this collection.

What can the visitors of MBFW expect from Danny Reinke?

A lot of green, beige, a little bit of lavender, clean cuts and of course many tulle elements.

What does the Berlin Fashion Week mean to the regional and international fashion industry?

We hope that Berlin Fashion Week continues to grow its importance. Sadly, we Germans are always accused of not having a good taste or style with regard to fashion. We see that differently and want to do our part, to lift these rumours.

Berlin Fashion Week attaches importance to diversity – Trends, Sustainability, and FashionTech are three main aspects – how important is diversity in the fashion industry? And which aspect holds the most potential for the future?

Diversity is very important to us as a fashion label, we don’t like to be put into a box and try to stage ourselves in a new manner each and every season.
The biggest future potential lays in the area of fair production of clothing. We check where our material comes from to meet our quality requirements and we’re producing solely in Germany. Thus, the clothing is more sustainable and longer wearable compared to the fast fashion movement.

How do you see the future of your fashion brand? What are next steps?

In the next few days, our online shop will be launched, plus we’d like to expand our dealer network. Furthermore, we’re looking for sponsors, who will fit to us and want to establish and build something positive.

Why is Berlin of interest for you as a fashion designer? What keeps you here in Berlin?

Berlin is a city of freedom. Everyone can create something and be a part of the constant change. Is there a better place for a young person? I don’t think so. Berlin is electric and based on its diversity one of the most exciting and full of the joys of life locations, that there is.

What more would you want for the fashion scene in Berlin? Where do you see potential?

The city’s diversity should be even more represented in the fashion industry. You shouldn’t be afraid to try out something new, since tomorrow, everything will be different again anyways, in Berlin.

The Runway-Show of Danny Reinke will be part of MBFW and will take place on 04th of July at 9:30 pm at eWerk Berlin. In January, Mercedes-Benz and the creative agency Nowadays presented the new, innovative Fashion Week format. Additionally, all shows will be streamed onto the LED-screen outside the location and aren’t just accessible for the expert audience but also the final consumer.

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