Beyond Boundaries: Meet the Talented Newcomers of Berlin Contemporary

© Kitschy Couture, Marke, Lueder
© Kitschy Couture, Marke, Lueder

The Berlin Contemporary competition, orchestrated by the Fashion Council Germany on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy, and Public Enterprises, stands as a testament to Berlin's diverse design power. Within the "Berlin Contemporary" category, three exceptional newcomers have been chosen for their remarkable contributions to the narrative of Berlin Fashion Week. These designers were selected based on their ability to impress with innovative and creative collections, a presentation concept harmonizing with Berlin's identity as a fashion capital, and a robust brand presence. 

Kitschy Couture, LUEDER, and MARKE embody the essence of Berlin Fashion Week's commitment to openness, diversity, sustainability, and a celebration of individual convictions. Their unique perspectives and dedication to inclusivity align seamlessly with the values at the heart of Berlin Fashion Week, making them standout participants in the Berlin Contemporary competition.

Kitschy Couture

Kitschy Couture, led by Abarna Kugathasan, is a vibrant celebration of cultural identity that transcends borders. Merging Sri Lankan roots, Tamil ancestry, and Western upbringing, Abarna explores her transcultural self through intimate tales. The upcoming collection promises a fusion of traditional Tamil heritage and contemporary influences, particularly highlighting the art of Saree Draping. Kitschy Couture uniquely combines ancient traditions with avant-garde design, symbolizing a diasporic identity that honors heritage with a contemporary twist. The brand's focus on inclusivity and individual convictions aligns seamlessly with Berlin Fashion Week's commitment to openness and diversity.


Founded in 2019 by Marie Lueder, LUEDER is a brand that redefines masculinity through a holistic and sustainable approach. Marie's background as a bespoke tailor and her fascination with medieval silhouettes shape the brand's collections, offering a unique blend of sportswear and functional aesthetics. Sustainability is at the core of LUEDER's business model, employing organic denim, recycled materials, and a commitment to minimizing waste. The brand's creative strategy embraces a vulnerable form of masculinity rarely seen in fashion, fostering inclusivity in sizing and casting. LUEDER's commitment to collaboration and ethical standards aligns seamlessly with Berlin Fashion Week's emphasis on diversity and responsible practices.


Launched in 2021 by designer Mario Keine, MARKE delves into the intricacies of the human spirit and personality, viewing them as dynamic constructs. The brand's collections, spanning apparel, jewelry, and accessories, provide a canvas for exploring diverse shapes of aesthetics. MARKE draws inspiration from historic epochs and future decades, creating a world that balances conventional and alternative approaches with hybridity, fluidity, and eclecticism at its core. The brand's commitment to exploring new manufacturing techniques aligns with the spirit of innovation at Berlin Fashion Week, contributing to the city's reputation as a hub for forward-thinking and boundary-pushing fashion.