Five questions to Dorothee Schumacher

We talked with Dorothee Schumacher about her label, her advices for young fashion designer and about the Berlin Fashion Week.

Over 20 years she designs fashion that underlines the strength of a woman. Since 2009 she shows her collections at the Berlin Fashion Week, sells them in over 16 countries and has national and international success. We talked with Dorothee Schumacher about her label, advices for young fashion designer and about the Berlin Fashion Week. 

You always present the newest collections primary at Berlin Fashion Week. What is special about Berlin as a fashion city?
In Berlin I can celebrate my roots as a German designer. It feels like home before my collections travel around the world. Berlin is the young enfant terrible of the fashion industry with an international position. This is an emotional development, which always captures me. 

You are known nationally and internationally, you sell your collections in your own stores, famous department stores, in different countries and you present your collections in showrooms in Paris, New York, Taipei and Milano. What’s your advice for young fashion designer from Germany?
Be brave. To create something new, to believe in it and to realize your visions requires a lot of personality and an unequivocal clarification of identity: Am I a designer? Or am I a designer and entrepreneur? To become clear about that is the cornerstone for your own future. However, I believe that the young generation of designer has the required strength and continuity in a natural manner. 

What is significant for the label "Dorothee Schumacher" and where does your inspiration come from?
Lighthearted effortlessness... from the very beginning. And the unpredictable – I love extraordinary chance encounter. 

What means fashion to you?
Fashion is emotion for me. With my designs I reveal my personality and my feelings - I fulfill desires. And then they become favorite pieces for women who fulfill their dreams. 

What are you looking forward the most during the Berlin Fashion Week?
I look forward to a big reunion.

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