These are the dates for the Berlin Fashion Week in July 2018 and January 2019!

©Berliner Mode Salon, Dawid Tomaszewski Spring/Summer 2018
©Berliner Mode Salon, Dawid Tomaszewski Spring/Summer 2018
The dates for the next two seasons are announced.

Twice a year, the Berlin Fashion Week bundles more than 10 trade fair and fashion show platforms and shows collections from almost every genre within a week. The fashion week attracts around 100,000 visitors. The main trade fairs and platforms, including the fashion shows Panorama Berlin, Premium Group (including Show & Order, Bright and Seek), Green Showroom / Ethical Fashion Show, the Fashion Council Germany and the Berlin Salon have agreed on the upcoming dates:

Berlin Fashion Week: 3 -  7 July 2018 (main dates trade fairs: 3- 5 July)

Berlin Fashion Week: 15- 18 January 2019 (main dates trade fairs: 15 - 17 January)

All information, events and dates will be published on the website, calendar and social media channels in a timely manner!