The Talks of the #FASHIONTECH BERLIN 2019

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All important pieces of information regarding the procedure of the conference.

The time has come! The #FASHIONTECH will take place on the 15th of January 2019 and offers an extensive selection of presentations and talks. In January 2015, the technology-based conference was founded by the Premium Group. Since then it has been taking place twice a year, as part of the Berlin Fashion Week. It specifically functions as a business platform for creative businesses and startups. The main themes of the #FASHIONTECH are fashion, technology and lifestyle. The conference functions to combine these themes within discussions. Additionally, innovations, disruptive technologies and digital transformations are brought to discussion.


The conference consists of four categories: #LISTEN!, #LEARN!, #EXPERIENCE! and #BUSINESS!. The keynote presentations are held by international experts who aim to share their expertise with the audience. The interactive masterclasses help visitors learn more about certain subjects. In addition to that an exhibition space is at hand, which encourages an exchange between visitors and enables them to experience the newest products on the market. The networking space allows visitors to interact with the speakers and gain insights into various businesses. Due to the fact that the conference is categorized so precisely, it is proven to be Europe’s leading conference in the field of technology and digital innovations.

The Conferences Procedure

For the entire duration of the day, #FASHIONTECH will take place in the Kraftwerk Berlin. At 10 a.m. Anita Tillmann, Ole Tillmann and Michael Stracke will start off with a short introduction on “Fashioning the Future”. The workshops take place during specific timeslots in the morning and afternoon. Throughout the course of the day a wide selection of talks and masterclasses will take place. “How to transform your organization” is the focal topic of discussion throughout this seasons conference. The discussion is divided into the following key topics: “Leadership and Culture”, “Innovation and Technology”, “Future of Work” and “Customer Journey”.

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