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© ODEEH, Luna Schaffron
© ODEEH, Luna Schaffron


After celebrating the 10th anniversary of their label Richert Beil with cake on the runway during Berlin Fashion Week in February, Berlin Contemporary winners Jale Richert and Michele Beil presented a "Bademodenschau" (“swimwear show”) with swim floats this season, staying true to their mission of bringing more inclusivity to the fashion world.

“Our runway show 'Bademodenschau' showcases a collection that challenges traditional notions of summer fashion by celebrating inclusivity and comfort for every body," said the designers. "Inspired by the diverse experiences and preferences of individuals who don't feel comfortable in typical summer attire, this show aims to redefine the concept of summer fashion by showcasing a reinterpretation of the typical beach look."

Their inspiration is reflected in the range of designs, from airy silhouettes like water-repellent checkered ensembles and dresses with the inscription "Moin Moin," which convey a sense of freedom, to tailored pieces such as a long black neoprene coat and crop tops with air cushions that symbolize comfort and protection.

Jale Richert and Michele Beil draw inspiration from the simplicity and authenticity of everyday life, translating these elements into their designs. By incorporating familiar experiences and situations into their collections, they infuse their garments with a sense of relatability and resonance. This approach enables them to create captivating storytelling within their garments, inviting wearers to connect with the narratives behind the looks.


With 'Bademodenschau' we showcased a collection that challenges traditional notions of summer fashion by celebrating inclusivity and comfort for every body."

Jale Richert & Michele Beil, Richert Beil



In a vacant storefront, under harsh neon lights, with aggressive buzzing noises and between fly breeding boxes, Sia Arnika presented her ready-to-wear collection. This season, too, the Danish designer's looks are characterized by her love for detail and progressiveness. "Everything starts with the fabric, its textures, shapes, deconstruction, and the numerous contrasts that all my collections thrive on: disorder and embellishment, the everyday and the provocative, as well as the art of layering and shaping," explains the designer.

Her designs are sometimes layered, then completely pure again. Sometimes they are artfully decorated, for example with draped cords, then cutouts take center stage, or fabric manipulations dominate the look. Often the silhouettes cling tightly to the body, then they seem to actively detach from the body again. Flowing fabrics meet clear lines, conveying both strength and softness.

The focus of the numerous sporty outfits was the polo shirt, which Arnika presented in various versions: sometimes as a super-tight halter neck, then layered, reminiscent of an XXL basketball jersey, or with delicate ruffle inlays and partially printed with the phrase "The People Want More."

This season, Sia Arnika is not only among the winners of Berlin Contemporary but, as announced yesterday, also one of the finalists of the FCG/VOGUE Fashion Fund.



The grand finale of the second day of Berlin Fashion Week took place in the colonnade of the Altes Museum, where Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich, the duo behind ODEEH, presented their latest collection. The Berlin Contemporary winners once again showcased highly eclectic designs this season, all united by one thing: artisanal excellence.

Athletic track pants combined with mini blazers, techno fabrics, and abstract, Japanese-inspired floral prints were on display. Classic striped shirts were refined with small rhinestones, while the shimmering threads of two acid-green looks fluttered charmingly in the wind. Particularly chic were the light pink designs with raw edges, adorned with sparkling brooches.

Merging patterns, colors, materials, and styles is firmly embedded in ODEEH's DNA. What stylistically defines this season's collection? 

We're blending a touch of kitsch, some romance, and a hint of toughness. All these elements come together in ODEEH, creating a very harmonious composition. We aim for everything – purity and complexity, simplicity and intricacy. And that's precisely reflected in our collection.

You love to play with contrasts. Which ones are most significant in this collection? 

Transparency and layerings are key this season. We are extensively experimenting with these elements. Technical fabrics with dynamic surfaces, contrasting textures like crinkled versus shiny and matte. Multi-dimensional compositions and intricate fabric constructions juxtaposed with simple basics like white cotton poplin or silk crepe de chine intrigue us. 

This season, your collection consciously does not carry a title. Why?

We deliberately refrain from titling our collections this season. We prefer not to adhere to themes or titles that prescribe the direction of our new collection. For us, each collection represents a new chapter, embodying the juxtaposition of styles and the creation of wardrobes for women who express themselves in a visible, often unconventional, and always freestyle manner. We release three drops per season, totaling six annually. Our approach intentionally avoids thematic constraints. Headlines and rigid themes feel limiting to us. Instead, we embrace everything that piques our interest and resonates with our current mood, allowing each element the potential to influence our collection.

What inspired you this season?

The daily life of a modern, self-defined woman. And always these questions: What does it take to be seen, to be remembered in an abstract way? What does 'beauty' or 'Oh, she looks great' mean? What challenges us? What are we still curious about? What fields are still undiscovered for us, having been in these creative processes for so long? What are our white and undiscovered spots on this map of creativity?

Your runway show took place in the impressive columned hall of the Old Museum, a Schinkel building. How does such a historical venue influence your fashion?

It is a truly iconic location, with extreme proportions, high ceilings, and a magnificent, marbled backdrop. The historical setting compels us to embrace modernity in every aspect.


"We want to create a wardrobe for women who express themselves in a visible, often unconventional, and always freestyle manner.”

Otto Dröglser & Jörg Ehrlich, ODEEH


Berlin Contemporary Showroom by FCG

The Fashion Council Germany invites press, stylists, buyers, and other industry representatives to a resee of the latest collections by Berlin Contemporary designers until and including Thursday.

Showroom Berlin Contemporary
Spring/Summer 25
Hotel Château Royal


202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit

202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit is Germany's most progressive platform for interdisciplinary discourse and networking between avant-garde creatives, pragmatic researchers, and intelligent industry stakeholders.

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The runway show by Ewa Herzog took place at the KÖNIG GALERIE.



The runway show by Marc Cain took place at the Am Neuen Palais in Potsdam.


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