Runway presentations 21th January 2016 Berlin Fashion Week - Day 3

The third day of Berlin Fashion Week with Steinrohner, Ewa Herzog, Augustin Teboul and Vladimir Karaleev


„Eternal Ice" ist the name of the collection of the avant-garde designer duo Steinrohner, which presented on thursday afternoon their autumn/winter collection 2016/2017. They present patterns that are reminiscent of magnifications ice surfaces, metallic looking fabrics as coats and looks that are completely covered with plastic icicles. Between the more experimental looks you find mainly black combinations - partly made of transparent fabrics and partly dark shiny leather, which can also symbolically remind smooth ice. As accessories there are many sunglasses. The models have been made to ice queen through their make up. It is more wearable at Steinrohner, but does not lose their special style and dares still more than what you're used to see in German fashion.

Ewa Herzog

Everyone who is visiting Ewa Herzog really knows what to expect. Beautiful lace-dresses, -tops or all-over laces, which she is interpreting new. Herzog is playing with the femininity, accentuating the waist, shows nacked shoulders and skirts are getting shorter. Next to lace knit and gold-yarn as well as tweed are dominating. Colots are winter-pastels, white and black. New are combinations of skater-skirts and lose sweaters, which are come along in a very romantic style.

Augustin Teboul

Single newsYou have never seen that much colors at Augustin Teboul like this time. The french design duo normally just present black designs, with a bit white or beige. Now they present an almost colorful collection on Thursday evening in the Kronprinzenpalais . Another sensation is that the label otherwise relies on presentations and art installations. Now they are back on the proven Runway what is very refreshing for the successful label. The winter collection 2016/2017 is generally difficult compared to all other collections. The skirts are tight, skin is welcome. Everything is reminiscent of the wild late 80s. Sweaters adorn naked bodies and long tulle skirts of several layers. The meshed looks, bustiers, tops and dresses also fishnet tights and colorful socks are combined . The tight, high-waisted pants are partially torn. Augustin Teboul joins the next big trend: Back to the late 80s .

Vladimir Karaleev

After Vladimir Karaleev, one of the most important designers for the Berlin fashion industry , paused last season , he came back now the more convincing. The style is not really surprising, he keeps his style, continues to design fabric-mixes which is matched partly like patchwork, Also his open hems are still there. This time he designs for the winter 2016/2017 a lot of turtlenecks-combinations and layerings, there are draped skirts, wide trousers and solid wool fabrics. Various types of fabric are used. By the draping and different stringing to unfamiliar structures in jackets and tops, he styled new creations but Karalaeev's style is distinctive.