© SF1OG, James Cochrane
© SF1OG, James Cochrane


The AW24 collection presentation by SF1OG took place in the gymnasium of Ernst-Reuter-Gymnasium, resembling a nostalgic journey back to our school days. The numerous guests were seated on school chairs while models walked through a backdrop of chalkboards, apples, and school desks. Accessories such as backpacks, leather satchels, or an old issue of Bravo, along with remixes of nineties classics like Teenage Dirtbag, Butterfly, or Narcotic, intensified the flashback. 

The collection, characterized by an unwavering commitment to materials and artisanal craftsmanship, served as a tangible manifestation of SF1OG's ethos of sustainability and innovation. Models, hailing from diverse backgrounds and age groups, meticulously curated by Kyra Sophie Wilhelmseder, epitomized the brand's overarching inclusive narrative.

Throughout the presentation, SF1OG's penchant for narrative and personal recollections was palpable. Each garment bore a narrative thread, inviting spectators to contemplate the seamless interplay between past and present.

In sum, SF1OG's AW24 collection presentation encapsulated a nuanced exploration of nostalgia and innovation set against the backdrop of Berlin's rich historical tapestry. Rosa Dahl once again showcased her unwavering dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, sustainability, and inclusivity.


"Each collection I create embraces duality, and this narrative revolves around contrasts like disarray and ornamentation, the mundane and the provocative, and the art of

layering and shaping," shares Berlin Contemporary designer Sia Arnika about her Fall/Winter 24/25 collection.

Berlin Contemporary winner Sia Arnika presented her looks for fall/winter 2024/25 in a former club at Potsdamer Platz. Here she explains which icon of the silent film era inspired the Danish-born designer.

“The runway presentation during Berlin Fashion Week will show the next chapter of Sia Arnika. sensuality that draws people to worship her like a goddess. There is an eerie and captivating darkness enveloping her aura. This enigmatic figure is a fictional creation inspired by Asta Nielsen, the silent film star who enthralled the world. 

Born into poverty in 1881 Denmark, her rise to success in the silent film era in Berlin

parallels my own journey. Drawing from a range of references spanning her diverse roles, from the androgynous 'Hamlet' to the seductive 'the abyss', the collection explores the power of transformation through clothing, fabrics, and expression.

It all begins with the fabric – its textures, shapes, and deconstruction – and the myriad qualities and juxtapositions that inform the narrative. These elements serve as the foundation for how the collection's story will unfold. 

Each collection I create embraces duality, and this narrative revolves around contrasts like disarray and ornamentation, the mundane and the provocative, and the art of layering and shaping. To immerse the audience completely in the collection's world, meticulous curation of light and sound will heighten the ambiance, transporting viewers deep into the realm we've meticulously crafted.”


The Berlin Contemporary newcomer label Kitschy Couture's showcase at Ballhaus Pankow was a grand celebration of love, identity, and cultural rediscovery. In her collection named "Buttercream Fantasy," designer Abarna Kugathasan presented intricate saris, lingerie-inspired looks, and dramatic bridal dresses, drawing inspiration from her Sri Lankan and Tamil roots.

Kitschy Couture merges traditional Tamil sari drapings with contemporary design elements in artistic ensembles and opulent ready-to-wear bridal gowns, offering a modern interpretation of diasporic identity.

The presentation was a grand, captivating celebration featuring music, dance, and cake, transporting guests into the fantastical world of Kitschy Couture. Inspired by the traditional festivities and cultural celebrations of the Tamil diaspora, it aimed to evoke a sense of unity and belonging among the audience.

Abarna Kugathasan's personal childhood memories serve as the foundation for Kitschy Couture's exploration of diasporic identity. The collection addressed the designer's longing for home through the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary silhouettes.

Images are available in the official Berlin Fashion Week Media Hub.