Berlin Fashion Week Designers shine in Talent Trust Survey

© Sia Arnika, Caroline Kynast
© Sia Arnika, Caroline Kynast


As a cornerstone of Berlin’s progressive (sub)cultural movements, Berlin Fashion Week unites fashion, art, design, and music, transcending the typical fashion event. It reflects Berlin's commitment to sustainability, inclusion, innovation, and talent promotion. Eager to remain at the forefront of these movements, Berlin Fashion Week initiated a survey in collaboration with Talent Trust to gather measurable data reflecting their core values. The survey, facilitated by the participating designers, was distributed to models to capture a wide range of experiences and perspectives. 

After an initial round in July 2023 in which not enough quantitative data was collected to be representative, a more fruitful second round in February 2024 garnered 114 substantive responses. These results provide not only benchmarks but also detailed feedback across crucial areas such as preparation, safety, inclusivity, and communication, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement.


A Snapshot of Inclusivity and Excellence

The demographic makeup of the models—71% female, 22% male, and a thoughtful inclusion of non-binary participants—reflects the strong commitment of the participating brands to diversity and inclusivity. The ethnic diversity on the runway demonstrates BFW’s global appeal and underscores the efforts of the brands to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Models Celebrate the Standards Set by BFW Labels

The survey results were extremely positive, with key performance areas scoring between 4.5 and 4.7 out of 5, comfortably surpassing the Talent Trust's benchmark of 4.0. These scores are a testament to the dedicated effort of the labels participating in Berlin Fashion Week. Their commitment to safety, conduct, and support has not only elevated the standard of care for models but has also reinforced the notion that a fashion week is truly defined by the excellence of its participants.

"The designers I worked for have profoundly changed the way I viewed fashion weeks—in an extremely positive way—that I decided to return to modeling. It has given me hope for a present and future of fashion production filled with diversity, professionalism, and safety. Forever grateful!" (Survey participant)

90% of the survey participants expressed satisfaction with their workplace environment, with specific praise for the production teams' professionalism and the warmth and inclusivity fostered by the event organizers. Comments ranged from praises about the seamless organization to the enjoyable after-parties and the high professional standards observed by the brand teams.


Seeking Improvement: BFW Sets Sights on Elevating Model Care

Despite the high marks, the survey also pinpointed areas for improvement. The provision of healthy and varied food options was a recurrent theme in the constructive feedback. Respondents highlighted the need for better meal planning, especially to accommodate long call times and dietary restrictions. Additionally, managing wait times more effectively was suggested to enhance the overall experience for models during the hectic show schedules.


The responsible Movement of Freedom, Inclusion, and Creativity

The last two editions of BFW have set significant benchmarks for fashion weeks globally and have shown how event organizers and brand teams can effectively integrate ethical practices into major productions. This performance aligns well with BFW’s ethos, "The responsible Movement of Freedom, Inclusion, and Creativity." The findings from the Talent Trust survey substantiate this claim, demonstrating BFW’s commitment to these principles. The analysis suggests that by maintaining a focus on these areas, BFW can continue to enhance its reputation as a leader in ethical fashion production.

"BFW was a great experience and I want to participate again if I have the chance." (Survey participant)

As Berlin Fashion Week continues to elevate with its unique progressive line-up, it also builds a foundation of trust and respect with its models, proving that in the world of fashion, ethics and aesthetics indeed walk hand in hand. 

About Talent Trust

Talent Trust is a forward-thinking organization dedicated to elevating standards and fostering excellence in the creative sector. Their “Eyes On Production” platform utilizes confidential surveys to garner meaningful insights that enhance organizational practices for media and production companies. The surveys provide precise benchmarks and detailed feedback across essential aspects such as preparation, safety, inclusivity, and communication, effectively highlighting both strengths and opportunities for enhancement. This valuable insight empowers production leaders to identify potential risks, build trust among team members, and foster a productive and psychologically safe working environment.

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