The 10 Most Memorable Press Quotes from last summer’s BFW

© Ben Mönks
© Ben Mönks

The July edition of Berlin Fashion Week was a bold statement for the uniqueness of the city and its creative protagonists. The new self-confidence, visibility, and quality of the event echoed through the thoughtful words of German and international editors. Berlin Fashion Week has steadily carved a niche for itself, showcasing a unique blend of progressive, creative, and open-minded styles that have captured the attention of the global fashion community.

As we approach the upcoming February edition, these press reviews are a clear indication of the event's growing significance. Berlin is ready to enchant the world once again with its fashion week.

Ann-Kathrin Riedel, Harper’s BAZAAR: "The repertoire of Berlin Fashion Week has become more craftsmanship-oriented, niche, and also more original. And finally, it leverages the potential of various locations spread across the entire city."

Miriam Martinez, „No one can deny that Berlin Fashion Week is the epicenter of fashion – without fear or rules.“

Franka Klaproth & Manuel Almeida Vergara, Berliner Zeitung: "It is good and right that now, at Berlin Fashion Week, what the city of Berlin already stands for on the international stage becomes visible: a progressive attitude, often brash and dark, a look that primarily arises from the codes of the underground."

Cecile Paul, „The German capital Berlin oozes creativity from every crevice of its ancient cobbled roads. Here the old and the new vie for position. Its ultra-hip eateries and beer gardens, graffiti-ed walls and theatrical ambience are the perfect backdrop for the bi-annual, much-anticipated fashion week that the city gifts the uber-fashion-conscious local crowd. Berlin Fashion Week is synonymous with plugging progressive trends: sustainability, inclusion, fluidity, innovation, creativity and freedom of expression were here for all to witness and enjoy.“

Miriam Nehring, Vogue Germany: "Berlin is above all multifaceted." „Berlin Fashion Week sets the stage for groundbreaking trends that grip the global fashion scene. From eco-conscious collections embracing recycled materials to gender-neutral fashion breaking traditional norms, Berlin Fashion Week celebrates the fusion of fashion and progressive ideals.”

Caroline O. Jebens, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: "It was a smart decision to showcase all the shows at historic venues with columns and parquet flooring – because that's how the city became visible.""Berlin Fashion Week puts important themes such as sustainability, inclusion, and innovation at the forefront and takes a path that is not only progressive but also revolutionary."

Fashion United, France: “Berlin thrives on style, plurality and contrast. In addition to lots of fashion, the week offered a sightseeing tour of Berlin, which, thanks to a full programme and tour bus, took on the character of a fashionable class trip.”“"Berlin Fashion Week is a multi-sensory experience that allows us to know in detail how the most outstanding creative minds think, immersing ourselves in their perception of design.”