Bread & Butter - back to the Street

After Karl-Heinz Müller, CEO oft he Streetwear- and Denim Fair Bread & Butter, cancelled the event for January 2015, he now announced that there will be a „Guerilla Tradeshow“ at the Headoffice with 40 brands participating.

Now it’s official: The Bread & Butter is back in a smaller more privat loaction with just 40 brands participating. CEO Karl-Heinz Müller announced that the „Guerilla Tradeshw“ will be open at three days from the 19th tot he 21st from 10 am to 7 pm. Press and Buyers are welcome to see the Autumn/Winter collection of brands like Drykorn, Hansen, Cinque, Freitag, Indigo People, Passionfrance, House of Grey and some more.

 More information you will find here: