Recap: Runway Shows at the Berlin Fashion Week

Marina Hoermanseder, ©MBFW
Marina Hoermanseder, ©MBFW
Almost 30 shows were performed over three days. A review of the highlights.

Within the framework of the Berlin Fashion Week, designers from Berlin, Germany and around the world presented their spring/summer collections 2019 over three days. The main venues were the MBFW at eWerk and the Berliner Salon at the Kronprinzenpalais. The Berlin Fashion Week editorial team has looked at the new collections and summarised a few selected highlights.


The Berlin Fashion Week was opened by the designer duo from Antwerp, who were performing in the German capital for the first time. Botter convinced with a cool streetwear and casualwear collection. Oversize fits, soft and flattering cuts and statement prints were dominating the show. Botter convinced not only with their collection, but also with their show. A clearly visible message was also here one of the most relevant topics of the past few months – plastic waste in the ocean. The models were wearing fishnets around their wrist, inflatable toy animals on their head and plastic bags as a necklace. It was a strong collection with a strong statement!

Danny Reinke

The young designer Danny Reinke was the winner of one of the much sought-after presentation slots funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. Thus, he got the chance to present his latest collection within the framework of MBFW. Danny showed a feminine collection, strongly reminding of the trekking look. Cargo shorts combined with knee-length socks, skin-coloured socks and buttoned-up blouses in bright earth tones, reminiscent of scouts. And then again, the designer’s key looks that break the style rules – from tulle elements in blouses to deep green tulle dresses, letting the hallmark of the designer shine through. 


Ivan Mandzukic is already an integral part of the Berlin Fashion Week and the only designer focusing on menswear. His spring/summer collection 2019 was quite straightforward as usual, however, this time featuring strong statements similar to Botter. Words like “sports jacket”, “socks” or “trousers” were printed on the garments in large fonts, adding words like “mine”, “yours” and “his” as well as numbers and name patches. The models looked like prototypes, all looking alike and walking on the catwalk like robots. The designer extended the colour range with a colour blocking style, apart from the black colour and check patterns. The motto for summer 2019 is to be daring, since apart from clear yellow, red and blue tones, the colour range is complemented by turquoise and pink.

Marina Hoermanseder

The Berliner-by-choice has already convinced Lady Gaga with her unique looks. The pop icon will certainly also like the designer’s new summer collection 2019. The show and its mixture of guests led the audience off into a world of cotton candy. Then the show started. With the smash hits of the 1990s playing in the background, Marina Hoermanseder presented her outfits in the 90s style. Tracksuits with all-over belt buckle print, neon pink corsages, bustier dresses and a shimmering wedding outfit with ruffles and belt buckle skirt – a gaudy collection, made for the international scene.

William Fan

The Berlin designer William Fan ensured peace and quiet at the Berlin Fashion Week. In the garden of Kronprinzenpalais, he presented a very calm and relaxed collection within the context of the Berliner Salon. The models were walking through a Zen garden with white stones, with classical music being played in the background, giving the audience a moment of contemplation. For his spring/summer collection 2019, William Fan uses many natural materials such as raffia and linen. Feminine silhouettes and belt corsages accentuate the waistline featuring oversize items like coats or bags, reminiscent of Zen pillows. A beautiful collection and show.


As part of the MBFW, fashion designer Isabell Vollrath presented her spring/summer collection 2019, supported by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises/Project Future. For her designs, Isabel Vollrath chooses fabrics of different qualities – delicate and transparent silk organza, thin wool, cotton, gauze and tulle are combined to make three-dimensional designs. A collection ranging from coats in a strongly reduced style, casual combinations of tops and trousers to opulent dresses. The colours range from clear white, gold, copper, yellow, and orange to various shades of blue, reflecting the sky and the water.