METAMORPHOSIS - dialogues about change: Let’s talk about Circularity

© Ben Mönks
© Ben Mönks

For Berlin Fashion Week, the Fashion Council Germany, in partnership with Vogue Business and eBay, is organising its talk format "METAMORPHOSIS - dialogues about change" powered by eBay for the first time.

From 2nd - 4th July, national and international experts from the fashion industry and circular economy will talk about the facets of the industry and discuss necessary changes. The overarching theme of circularity will take centre stage and will be viewed from the perspectives of design, technology & innovation and community. 

In addition to the open dialogue, there will also be six panel talks by over 30 renowned industry experts. These include, for example, Dilys Williams (Centre for Sustainable Fashion), Dries Vriesacker (ENFNTS TERRIBLES), Herbert Hofmann (Highsnobiety), Janina Lin Otto (Holistic Foundation), Kerstin Weng (VOGUE Germany), Kirsty Keoghan (eBay), Kirsty McGregor (Vogue Business), Liz Ricketts (The Or Foundation), Maliha Shoaib (Vogue Business) and Nina Knaudt (Rianna + Nina). A detailed overview of the programme and the speakers can be found on the Fashion Council Germany website HERE.

"Talk formats like METAMORPHOSIS offer us the opportunity to bring together leading industry experts from our network to share their concentrated knowledge with an interested audience. It gives me positive hope that we will use the Berlin Fashion Week stage to stimulate conversation and initiate change."  

Scott Lipinski, CEO of the Fashion Council Germany

The topic of the circular economy has long been anchored in Berlin Fashion Week. For example, we see it reflected in some of the brands' concepts. Circularity also plays a key role for the project partner and online marketplace eBay, which wants to offer its retailers and other private individuals a trustworthy platform for the circular economy. 

Fashion enthusiasts outside of the trade audience can also visit the event in the CUPRA City Garage at Aaron-Bernstein-Platz 1, 10117 Berlin. All panels at a glance can be found here: 

Tuesday, 2nd July – DESIGN

Impulse Speech: What is Circularity?

#1 Panel: Crafting Love: Designing for Circular Fashion and Garment Longevity

#2 Panel: Beyond Good Intentions: Navigating Global Human Rights in Design and Supply Chains

Wednesday, 3rd July – TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION 

#3 Panel: Innovative Retail Revolution: Redefining Product-Centric Shopping across experiences and touchpoints

#4 Panel: How to implement AI in a responsible way?

Thursday, 4th July – COMMUNITY 

#5 Panel: Fashioning Community Narratives: Bridging CSR Reporting to End Consumers through Storytelling

#6 Panel: Breaking Barriers: Empowering Fashion in the Global Creative Economy