DIE DAME returns

More than 70 years ago "DIE DAME" was the magazine for the elegant and brave women of the modern age from Berlin. In March 2017, Axel Springer publishing company put the magazine back on the market.

In 1912 the media landscape in Berlin was changed. DIE DAME was born, a journal for the "spoiled taste" against the cultural flattening, dedicated to the women of Berlin. Artists and literary writers such as George Grosz, Bertolt Brecht, Tamara de Lempicka, Hannah Höch and Christian Schad collaborated with the illustrated magazine, which appeared weekly from 1912 to 1937 in the liberal Ullstein publishing house.

A sign was set to bring this magazine back to life again in march 2017, again with high-profile writers of our time. Editor in chief Lena Bergmann and the fashion direction Niki Pauls are Berlin-based power women. For the first time, this magazine discovered that women are a target group and potential end users back in the years, DIE DAME even published a car special edition once a year to show that a new image of women must exist - the first media outcry of the Weimar Republic for the women's independence.

Today THE DAME thinks elegantly, treats themes of urban society, is unpredictable and never categorical. The magazine describes itself as: "Status is embarrassing, superficial thinking it finds vulgar" –  almost a statement against the narcissistic productions of social media culture. Curiosity is the driving force and the sensual reification of the digital world has first priority. The new DIE DAME is not supposed to be a re-make of the old magazine, but rather present the great attitude and importance of the magazine for its time into the present.

Christian Boros, publisher of the lady, entrepreneur and art collector, says that he has given his pledge for the project on the condition that the reissue of the magazine has a "right of existence". So if trees should be felled for a magazine, then please with a good print strategy. In Boros' words: superanalog and web incompatible. It seems as if a new movement for print media would just start, a homage to the printed word, in which THE DAME has to be an institution with its 1.5 kilograms, 292 pages and a price of 15 euros prestige Of the Weimar Republic. The magazine will be available two times a year.