Berlin Fashion Week July 2019 – A Review of the Shows

Neonyt Show ©MBFW Berlin
Neonyt Show ©MBFW Berlin
During the first week of July 2019, numerous fashion enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in Berlin to see the new collections of renowned designers and newcomer talents.
Neonyt Show ©MBFW Berlin
Neonyt Show ©MBFW Berlin

As in the previous seasons, the central fashion show platform was MBFW, which took place inside the ewerk in Mitte. The MBFW shows were broadcasted at the forecourt of the location for the public to see. In addition to that, the visitors were able to take a look at keylooks of ten selected newcomer designers, which were presented in the so called GROWHOUSES at ewerk’s forecourt. These GROWHOUSES were funded by the Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Businesses.

However, ewerk was not the only location which hosted impressive and creative runway shows this season. For example, the Designer Marcel Ostertag made use of the romantic atmosphere on the roof of the Westin Grand Hotel to present his latest collection. Marc Cain transformed the Velodrom into a unique lightshow.

These were the highlights of the shows at Berlin Fashion Week in July 2019:

Marina Hoermanseder in the SEZ

This season Marina Hoermanseder took us on a journey to the 1980s and 1990s. At Hoermanseder’s Spring/Summer 2020 presentation, the audience felt like they were at an American prom night. Characterised by neon colours, glitter and puffed sleeves, the designer impressed us with a composition of glamour and trash. Of course, the typical elements made of leather also found their place within the designs. They underlined the exclusivity of the collection. Additionally, 13 exclusive models of the BUFFALO shoe brand were worn in combinations with her designs, to celebrate the start of a collaboration.

Lou de Bètoly at MBFW

The new collection of the French designer Lou de Bètoly was inspired by dawn and characterised by the combination of extravagance and sophistication. Handmade embroidery and complex works emphasise the sensuality, rebellious vision and decadence of the city Berlin. The show was sponsored by the Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Businesses.

Marc Cain at Velodrom

This season, “Color in Motion” was the motto of Marc Cain’s show. The catwalk inside the Velodrom was turned into a spectacular lightshow. The interplay of light and beats provided a truly unique visual and sound experience. The new collection was full of power and consisted of a soft neon colours and eye-catching prints.

Lena Hoschek (MBFW)

Lena Hoschek loves nature – this love is reflected within the main designs of the new collection. Using plant motifs, she illustrated her deep-rooted affinity to nature. Throughout the show, the catwalk turned into a flowery scenery. Hoschek took her audience on a fabulous journey. In her new collection, she combines quirky lingerie with delicate tulle dresses, thereby setting erotic contrasts very skilfully.


The new collection of the former winner of the Premium International Trade Shows Young Talent Awards Autumn/Winter 2019, shows the world as it is. Asymmetrical, divided into colours and shaped by digitisation. The aim of the collection is to draw attention to the ills of society and to break with Stereotypes. In the first part of the show, only monochromatic outfits were presented: all in black and white. The second part was colourful with lots of details, geometric shapes and leopard patterns.

Richert Beil (MBFW)

The voice introduction at the start of the show, titled “Unsharf” (“Unsharp”) impressed the audience from the very beginning. This drew attention to the change in the fashion industry. The introduction made references to having respect for the human body, production conditions and having responsibility for the environment. Whilst all 30 looks of the collection were presented on the catwalk, a video in the style of a surveillance film was projected to the background. In the video, one could see the designer duo getting their hair and clothes done. Richert and Beil aimed to demonstrate what happens when women and men free themselves from external characteristics. Using light fabrics like silk and cotton, the two challenged stereotypical beauty standards. The aim of the collection was to help people build confidence, which is currently becoming increasingly difficult, due to self-optimisation and social media.


Denim, denim and even more denim. This seasons NEONYT fashion show focused on sustainable looks using denim. Around 80 national and international sustainable fashion labels presented their sustainable denim pieces. Looks were designed, which combined leather, silk and patchwork. Therefore, the looks ranged from bohemian, to western, to motorcycle and elegant styles. The show was sponsored by the Senate Department for Economy and Businesses.

Marcel Ostertag on the roof of the Westin Grand Hotel

Marcel Ostertag’s show was accompanied by a beautiful sunset over the rooftops of Berlin. The roof terrace of the Westin Grand Hotel in Berlin Mitte was filled with love.  The romantic atmosphere was very suitable for Ostertag’s new collection “Lovers”. The goal of the collection was to make a claim for love – “Love for all”. Using lots of colour, lace fabrics, patterns and his close attention to details, Ostertag managed to enchant his audience.

MBFW Growhouses

As part of a special highlight this season, ten up-and-coming design talents had the chance to present their key looks to the public as part of a newly established presentation format in the forecourt of ewerk. From the 1st to 3rd of July, the designs of the following labels were exhibited in glass rooms which resembled greenhouses: Magdalena Mayrock, Florian Schulze, Don Aretino, Sven Holger, Isabel Vollrath, Michael Sontag, Vladimir Karaleev, Ivanman, Marcell von Berlin and Laurent Hermann Progin. The new format was sponsored by the Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Businesses.