Five questions to Nadja Swarovski

Nadja Swarovski is the female head of the Austrian family group Swarovski. We spoke with her about the support of young designers, Berlin as a fashion city and fashion made in Germany.

Nadja Swarovski is the female head of the Austrian family group Swarovski. Swarovski is well known for its diversity of crystals, which are very famous in the whole world. Since this year the company is supporting young German Design Talents in cooperation with VOGUE Germany. 

What is the speciality of the city Berlin in the view of the fashion industry?

In my point of view the mix of tradition and modernity is very fascinating. Berlin is one of the biggest capitals of culture in Europe. Today Berlin shows his own spirit, which is very difficult to explain but very easy to feel. Berlin is full of young creative minds and different influences of different cultures. Because of that Swarovski is very keen on supporting the city’s talents. 

Swarovski is in collaboration with VOGUE Germany within the talent development program “VOGUE Salon”. Does the “Fashion made in Germany” have a potential on the international market?

We are very glad about the first cooperation on the occasion of VOGUE Salon. This great initiative guarantees support for young creative fashion designers at their first steps in this business. Fashion made in Germany is an opportunity to show the high creativity of the design talents, who will also get professional support. Moreover talents will learn how to work in the international market. 

The six designers Michael Sonntag, Dawid Tomaszewski, Marina Hoermanseder, Augustin Teboul, Rene Storck and Galvan were the first designers within the funding program who were allowed to work directly with Swarovski. How is it possible for these different designers to inspire the house of Swarovski?

When the six designers visited our headquarters in Wattens to choose between the crystals for their forms and colours, they connected in our workshops with our Design and Application team in a very creative way. They inspired each other with their own understanding of style. Due to that, different requirements on the crystals, from simple elegance to high opulence were created. The workshops created new impulses and new future possibilities. 

What is the future of the young designer funding program in Germany? Do you have new plans?

In the future time we are going to cooperate with the German Fashion Council, which is another important opportunity to support designers and connect them with partners, buyers and the press. 

What do you like most on Berlin Fashion Week?

Berlin is a very inspiring city and I’m very excited about the first presentation of the collection of Vogue & Swarovski Designers at Vogue Salon.

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