Berlin Calling! A Memorable Evening at Crackers

© Celine Witon
© Celine Witon

Melodic tunes, subdued murmurs, and the delightful sound of glasses clinking against ice fill the space at Crackers, as guests revel in the exceptionally cool yet elegant ambiance of this iconic restaurant. The warm light under the high ceilings of the former nightclub casts gentle shadows, enveloping the invited journalists from around the world in spirited discussions about the quality and newfound confidence of the Berlin Fashion Week and its talented protagonists.

"Berlin's unique blend of creativity, culture, and innovation makes it the perfect city for international guests." - 'Cookie' Heinz Gindullis, Crackers

Since early 2015, Crackers, under the helm of 'Cookie' Heinz Gindullis, has transcended the realm of mere dining to become an experience unlike any other. Nowhere else have more legendary parties or dinners been hosted – and this legacy endures to this day. From the moment one sets foot inside, the promise of a quintessential Berlin night unfolds. Venturing through the corridor beyond the weighty iron door on Friedrichstrasse, nestled in the heart of Berlin-Mitte, one is ushered beneath the neon sign bearing the words "You're fucking free," through the blue kitchen, and into the spectacular dining area once known as the Cookies Club. Instantly, Crackers envelops visitors in an atmosphere both tenderly affectionate and clandestinely alluring, boasting an exquisitely curated fusion of cuisine, libations, service, and design. Every detail is meticulously attended to. Following decades entrenched within Berlin's nocturnal tapestry, Cookie now presides over Crackers, the vegetarian fine-dining haven Cookies Cream situated above, a prestigious catering and event agency, and the altruistic initiative Charity at [ ], wherein he, alongside notable associates, champions a children's village in Tanzania.

Despite countless partnerships, events, and nights, events during Berlin Fashion Week remain special even for the seasoned gastronome.

"Hosting the Fashion Council Germany's dinner at Crackers during Fashion Week is always a privilege," explains Cookie. "We bring a diverse audience together in our vibrant venue and strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels inspired and welcome. Berlin's unique blend of creativity, culture, and innovation makes it the perfect city for international guests. It is our mission to support creativity and innovation in the city, and our partnership with the Fashion Council reflects this commitment. Fashion Week is not just about clothing; it's about individuality and creativity, reflecting Berlin's dynamic spirit to the world."

"The dinner at Crackers was definitely one of my highlights of the BFW." - Maliha Shoaib, Vogue Business

Amidst the elaborately and stylishly set tables at Crackers and the aroma of delicious regional cuisine lies an enthusiastic atmosphere of friendship and exchange. For four days, international journalists traveled together from fashion show to fashion show as part of the Fashion Council Germany's International Hospitality Program, viewing up to 32 collections in iconic locations from the Olympiastadion to the Bode Museum, experiencing Berlin's streets, interviewing designers, critiquing looks, discussing trends, posting highlights, writing articles, and feeling the vibe of the city with all its subcultures and creativity.

On the final evening of the eventful week, they gather once again, at the invitation of the FCG, at Crackers to brainstorm and enjoy a fantastic dinner while reflecting on the experiences of the past few days.

"The Fashion Council Germany team did a great job with the international hospitality program," enthuses Maliha Shoaib of Vogue Business. "The dinner at Crackers was definitely one of my highlights. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with journalists, content creators, and stylists from different cultures. I had the opportunity to meet some people during the week, but the dinner at Crackers was the perfect opportunity to speak with those I hadn't met yet, as we introduced ourselves around the table. The room was filled with positive energy."

"Exchange with international journalists and opinion leaders is very valuable to us." - Christiane Arp, FCG

With the International Hospitality Program initiated by the Fashion Council Germany, the Berlin Fashion Week now offers an important platform for intercultural exchange and collaboration. By bringing together influential journalists from around the world, the fashion week becomes a global event that reflects the diversity and dynamism of Berlin.

The curated selection of participating journalists in February 2024 included magazines such as Vogue Business, Dazed, Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Highsnobiety, GQ IT, Perfect and many more. Also content creators upnextdesigner, ideservecouture and lyas joined the group.  Towards the July edition there will be an additional focus towards Buyers visiting Berlin.

And Christiane Arp, Chairwoman of the Fashion Council Germany, is also enthusiastic: "The exchange with international journalists and opinion leaders is very valuable to us in order to drive forward the next steps and thus the development of Berlin Fashion Week."

The summer edition of Berlin Fashion Week, with all its wonderful fashion shows, side events, and guests from all around the world, will take place from July 1st to 4th, 2024