Augustin Teboul becomes Lou de Bètoly

The fashion duo Augustin Teboul announces his end and the launch of the new label "Lou de Bètoly" by Odèly Teboul.

The successful Berlin-based designer duo Augustin Teboul announces his end after 12 successful seasons. With the presentation of their spring/summer collection 2017 the French designers Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul showed their last collectively collection in the Berliner Mode Salon.

Designer Odély Teboul is now challenging a new project, launching her own label "Lou de Bètoly" at the beginning of January. As an inspiration for her work she explains different emotional worlds, such as chaos and surrealism, nostalgia or extravagance. The characteristic craftsmanship and ornamentation techniques, which were also known by Augustin Teboul, will be still in the foreground. Therefor the modern and artistic context is still particularly important for Odély Teboul

Her slogan is "Wild at heart - she is an aristocratic punk." A first presentation is planned during the year.

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