Sophie Guyot about "SO..." at Show & Order

Paris meets Berlin: In collaboration with the Show & Order Sophie Guyot presents fior the first time the platform "SO...". In the short interview she speaks about trends, Paris and Berlin and "SO...".

Who is Sophie Guyot and what have you done in the past?

After having worked for Jean Paul Gaultier as a sale assistant, I joined my mother to work on the atmosphere tradeshow. I have thereafter created the Fame within the Who’s next. In 2015 I created my own company - So…

What is So.. about?

So… is a consulting company which aim is the brands’ international development.

Why did you decide to present SO… at Show&Order?

To me, it seems essential that the brands can be able to export themselves to a market as interesting as Germany and Northern Europe.

Where does your inspiration for SO… come from?

I feel that the market has changed a lot lately. Now the offers don’t fit to the buyers` needs anymore. With So... I want to propose something new, a real selection, a clearer offer, a way to simplify the buyer’s purchases and help the brands in their commercial development.

How did you select the brands presented at So..?

I try to put myself in the multibrand stores’ buyers shoes. I select my brands regarding the different markets. I usually have a big crush on them.

Must Have for Spring/Summer16?

Printed trench, colors, wide skirt, long and loose dress, oversized pants.

Why do you think a crossover between Berlin and Paris is a good match?

I think Berlin and Paris are quite different but yet complete each other. Paris is an unavoidable place for fashion and Berlin is more creative.

If you have to create the perfect outfit - How would it look like?

All black! You always look elegant, easy and French wearing all black

Three words to describe Berlin best?

Architecture, Economic, Art

Three words to describe Paris best?

Authentic, Fashion, Elegant

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