Faces of Fashion Week: Interview with Marte Hentschel

We met Marte Hentschel, CEO of Sourcebook for an interview and learned, why her idea of Sourcebook fits so snugly to Berlin!

Our 2000+ member businesses in the fashion and textile industry profit from over 100 new jobs and inquiries every month: Sourcebook is the European networking service for emerging and established fashion designers, brands, garment manufacturers, craftspeople and fabric mills as well as service providers for the fashion industry.
Marte Hentschel – the CEO of Sourcebook – explained, why her idea of Sourcebook fits so snugly to Berlin.

What is Sourcebook about and what makes it so special?
Sourcebook is a unique digital tool for the textile and fashion-industry. It connects both: manufacturers and suppliers with brands and it can organize their supply-chain, efficiently and transparently. Our vision is to build a bridge between sustainability and fashionTech. Give access to the latest trends and technological innovations by building your supply chain transparently, environmentally and ethically correct. So we want to make transparency state of the art in fashion industry.

Which importance plays Berlin as a fashion location?
Berlin is very strong in niche markets – green sector and fashion sector, but Berlin isn’t a market for conventional and fast fashion.

In your opinion: what makes Berlin so special?
What Berlin makes special in the context of Fashion, that is a melting pot of creative from all over the world. They come to Berlin, they work of a certain period of time or they stick in berlin for the rest of their life. You have a party-scene, a nightlife-scene, what is a factor that pushes activity and culture-sector. Berlin is an international hub for creative and culture and entrepreneurs.

Last words?
If you want to discover interesting things that you can’t see anywhere else, welcome to Berlin!

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